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We have engineered an advanced insurtech platform and we want to partner with you. If you’re in the agriculture or insurance business, let’s talk!

Partnership Has Its Benefits

“Our partnership with Agi3 is a response to the growing demand for innovative usage-based insurance in agriculture. We are excited about this collaboration and the potential for industry-altering innovations.”
Enns Brothers Enns Brothers

Grow Your Business

License our comprehensive Enterprise Risk Management Platform to empower business growth.

Access to Our Digital Solutions

We offer a range of services, including field management, customized insurance options, analytics, and insights.

Value for Your Customers

Deliver customized insurance solutions and enterprise risk management for better customer value.

It’s All About Team Work!

At its core, the Agi3 software-as-a-service platform is engineered to work seamlessly as part of a team.

We have engineered an advanced artificial intelligence-based insurtech platform, built upon one of the most comprehensive data assets available, anywhere.

Agi3 replaces many of the functions of the traditional insurance administration eco-system, allowing our partners to modernize their collection of data, leverage incredible insights and offer unique products and services.

We have created our own producer dashboard experience, for use by partners that perhaps don’t offer their own today. Our platform can plug-in to other dashboard providers, enabling a white-labelled crop insurance offering in their product shelf.

We even offer risk services, including underwriting, through Agi3 Risk Services Ltd, Agi3’s wholly-owned full-stop insurance brokerage and MGA for the Canadian market.

Products Designed to Enhance Your Business

We use advanced artificial intelligence-driven technologies to provide an incredible opportunity to farmers, governments, and insurers.


Empowering Your Farm’s Success. Seamlessly manage data with field-centric planning, activity tracking, and reporting. Stay ahead with dynamic risk assessment and analytics, and secure your farm with Agi3’s insurance solutions, offering instant quotes tailored to your unique farm.


The Broker and Partner Gateway to Simplified Insurance. Effortlessly lead clients through personalized quotes, rapid binding, streamlined reporting, and claims management. Experience insurance that’s easy, fast, precise, and individualized, tailored exclusively for brokers and affinity partners.


License for Customized Insights. Elevate your decision-making with our rich and comprehensive data-driven Agi3 platform, providing personalized insights into risk profiles, production risks, and real-time assessments of crop health and development. (Coming Soon)

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