Together We’re Revolutionizing the Agri Insurance Space

Our vision is to become the leading digital agriculture ecosystem for insurance and risk management.

“Our mission is to provide best-in-class technology-enabled insights, risk management, and a dedication to exceptional service, helping farmers navigate their increasingly complex landscape.”

Our Commitment

In a world of climate unpredictability and increasing food demand, we provide an innovative AI-powered Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) platform that addresses the sector’s growing needs for insights and comprehensive risk assessment. Our platform not only fills the existing protection gaps by providing modern, data-driven risk management solutions but also champions sustainable agricultural practices. We go beyond traditional insurance, delivering tailored insights to our partners, and providing a roadmap for navigating emerging risks.

Our Solutions

Agi3 Software-as-a-service

Foundational to the Agi3 Group of Companies, our SaaS offering, “Agi3” is a pioneering AI-driven insurtech platform. Built upon one of the largest agriculture data assets available anywhere, our tools in data management, planning, and risk analytics set industry standards. The AI models within Agi3 yield invaluable insights across various products and services, backed by top-tier risk management features that enable efficient underwriting and digital claims processing. Learn More

Agi3 Risk Services

Our ‘white-glove’ concierge service enables farms to effortlessly navigate the complex landscape of risk management, assisting in crafting tailored optimal risk management plans. As Agi3’s exclusive provider of crop insurance solutions in Canada, we utilize the Agi3 platform’s advanced algorithms and extensive data to precisely assess field-level opportunities and risks, including yield potential and vulnerability to various environmental hazards. Our insurance offerings are made possible through a collaboration with the leading property and casualty insurer, Definity Insurance Company, under its brand Economical Insurance. Learn More

Crop Sentry

Experience the Crop Sentry Solution – a game-changing AI-driven IoT device and software platform for continuous (24/7) non-destructive crop monitoring and analytics. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, including long-range LiDAR and high-resolution multi-spectral cameras, a single sensor maps entire fields with precision. The system’s flexibility allows for customizable configurations, integrating weather data (temperature, precipitation, wind, relative humidity, solar radiation) and wireless soil moisture sensors across the field with a remarkable range of up to 3km from the base station. This translates to automated crop scouting and real-time insights on essential phenotypic variables, crop quality, and yield predictions. Learn More

The Evolution of Agi3


Need for better technology in the Agri Insurance space

Our founders observed the need for better technology in the Agri Insurance space and understood how this lack of progress is impacting farmers, with lower overall coverage and the inability to tailor coverage to their increasingly complex needs.

Partnership with AIRM Consulting

A strategic partnership was formed with AIRM Consulting, the industry’s first agriculture-focused full-stack artificial intelligence company. AIRM Consulting has spent more than a decade creating artificial intelligence models specific to agriculture.

Agi3 was formed

In 2021 a leadership team was established that includes almost a century of cross-industry expertise, from agriculture, risk management and technology.

Meet Our Leadership

Ray Bouchard profile picture

Ray Bouchard

Co-founder and member of the executive team at Agi3, Ray brings more than 35 years of industry experience in agricultural leadership, precision agriculture, farm management, and producer partnerships. In addition, he is the Chair of the Enterprise Machine Intelligence & Learning Initiative (EMILI), and previously served on the Board of Directors for Protein Industries Canada.

Lysa Porth profile picture

Dr. Lysa Porth

With expertise in actuarial science, agricultural risk management, and predictive analytics, Dr. Lysa Porth is co-founder of Agi3 and serves on its executive team. She has an extensive academic career, including her current role as Finance Professor at the University of Guelph, and Adjunct Actuarial Science Professor at the University of Waterloo and Manitoba.

David Hodge profile picture

David Hodge

Brings over 40 years of technology experience to the executive team at Agi3 as Chief Strategy Officer (CSO), with more than 20 years in the insurance industry. Before joining Agi3, David was the Executive Vice-President and CIO at Great-West Life, overseeing technology strategy and operations across several insurance firms in Canada.

Curt Sparrow profile picture

Curt Sparrow

As Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Agi3, Curt has extensive financial experience. He has held varied positions in leadership roles in the agriculture sector and commercial banking industry for major banking institutions involved in corporate mid-market finance, organic growth, and merger and acquisition activities. Curt holds several professional designations, including BSc. Ag, CPA/CGA, ICD.D

[tbd] profile picture

Malea Richardson

Malea Richardson, Chief of Staff at Agi3, brings a unique blend of expertise to her role. With an Iowa farming background and 10 years experience leading innovation across public and private sectors, Malea is passionate about the future of agriculture. Prior to joining Agi3, Malea worked at Ford’s think tank in London, UK and Stanford University’s Digital Medic in Palo Alto, California. Malea holds an MBA from the University of Oxford.

Teddy Wong profile picture

Teddy Wong

With a decade-long journey in international agriculture risk management, Teddy serves as Chief Underwriting Officer (CUO) of Agi3. He held prior roles at global reinsurers like Hamilton Group and Ironshore, focusing on risk modeling for aggregation and pricing, in addition to prior stints at the U.S. Department of Agriculture and various financial firms.

Progress at Agi3 isn’t just powered by innovation—it’s shaped by partnerships. Together, we navigate the complexities of agriculture, offering resilient and tailored agri-insurance strategies.